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Gillian Reid

Therapeutic Counsellor

"The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water."

Sigmund Freud


A basic, central, premise of Freud’s was his view of the mind. Freud’s belief intimated that some of what we experience on a day-to-day basis e.g. emotions, beliefs and impulses; takes place in the unconscious and is not available to the conscious mind. He also used the concept of repression to demonstrate that although an individual may not remember a (traumatic) event happening to them, the memory is locked away in the unconscious. However, the memory remains in the unconscious and can reappear in consciousness under certain circumstances, (e.g. times of high stress), causing problems for us even in the unconscious.



My belief, (like Freud’s) is that the unconscious mind governs behaviour to a much greater degree than people suspect and my therapeutic facilitation involves deep exploration of clients’ past to access, and understand, the root cause of their problems. The emphasis of psychodynamic therapy is on the trust between a client and therapist; as therapy provides the tools required to make progress. My psychodynamic therapy provides a safe space for clients to explore and come to understand the root cause of their problems and issues. Furthermore, such safe exploration enhances clients’ knowledge of the issue and generates suggestions to enable coping with further difficulties


about me

My interest in human behaviour has been longstanding and, of distinct interest, is our human need to change behaviours that we deem unacceptable or undesirable.

I began my study in the field of psychology and, in my bachelor’s degree, the larger areas of learning were child psychology; social psychology; biological psychology; and cognitive psychology. I pondered more intensive study within psychology and during this time volunteered as a Samaritan. It was during my time at Edinburgh Samaritans that I realised my yearning was to actively counsel and so began another degree in counselling involving active training at The Charis Foundation and client therapy at PF Counselling Services. My mode of therapy is psychodynamic, based on Freudian psychoanalysis, my work, therefore, is focused on Freudian theory.One of my additional therapist strengths; as a consequence of working away from home, in different parts of Europe; is working with airline personnel or, those who, also. work away from home e.g. oil industry employees, international students or even individuals from other countries who have come to the UK in search of work. In such situations, my feeling is that I can empathise deeply and understand the frustrations, emotions and anxieties brought about by distance.

About me...


Therapy session pricing

Individualised Therapy          

£70 per therapeutic hour, (50 minutes).


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